Batting Cage - Big League Series - Bomber™ Pro

For anyone looking to up their batting game, the Bomber™ Pro batting cage from the Big League Series is an essential investment. Whether you're a semi-professional, collegiate athlete, baseball lover or attending spring training camps, this heavy-duty portable batting cage is designed to improve your skills and help you succeed on the field.
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The Bomber™ Pro sets itself apart from other batting cages with its 2" heavy-wall aluminum tube design. We love how feature provides maximum durability and stability during use, making it a reliable choice for those looking to improve their skills. Additionally, the frame is reinforced with an 18 oz. vinyl skirt and black ricochet padding, protecting against potential damage during transport.

One impressive aspect of the Bomber™ Pro is its #42 weather-treated nylon netting, built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It means you can use the cage year-round without worrying about wear and tear. The rear net baffle is also included to prevent balls from escaping and causing damage, ensuring the safety of both players and equipment.
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The oversized pneumatic tires on the Bomber™ Pro help make moving the cage from one location to another easy, making it an excellent choice for teams transporting their equipment for practice. If you want a better view of the action, an observation platform is available for purchase. The batting cage dimensions are inside (open) - 18' W x 12' H x 22' D and folded - 20' W x 6' H x 15' D.

Customization allows you various skirt colors such as Royal Blue, Black, Red, Green, Navy Blue, and Maroon. This allows you to match your team's colors and give your equipment a professional, polished appearance.
Use discount code ZSQ2 to get 3% off of your order

In conclusion, the Bomber™ Pro batting cage is a top-of-the-line investment for serious athletes and teams who want a durable, portable batting cage that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Its heavy-duty design and customizable options make it a reliable and stylish choice for anyone looking to improve their skills on the field. So why wait? Invest in the Bomber™ Pro today and start seeing the results!