Spring Away Batting Tee

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  • Model #: SAEZ1999
  • Patented Dual Tee Top For Hitting Mini Balls
  • Steel Spring Stem For Flexing After a Hit
  • Adjustable From 24" - 34" For All Ages
  • Weight Fillable Base Never Tips Over
  • Easily Folds For Storage In Bag, Closet, etc.

Would You Like To Be The Best Hitter On Your Team?
You Can In Just 20 Minutes A Day. Here's how…

Anyone can be a great hitter, all you have to do is hit 100 balls a day.

This swinging repetition develops a keen eye,muscle memory,and a power swing. These are the skills you need to be the best hitter you can be.

One of the best ways to become a great hitter is with a batting tee.
But current batting tees tip over,shock your bat,and ruin your swing, making you wish you'd never tried using a batting tee in the first place.

But, those days are long gone!

Introducing Spring Away! The revolutionary NEW batting tee that won't tip over, won't shock your bat, and won't ruin your swing, so you can be a great hitter in just 20 minutes a day.

Here's how it works...

Simply place a baseball or softball on Spring Away's tee top, swing, tee another ball, and swing again!

No more tipping over tees, no more bat shock, and no more ruining your swing!

The secret is Spring Away's patented design, which springs forward each time you hit the ball, providing durability & longer life. Thus becoming the most innovative batting tee in the world!

Unlike other batting tees that have a light weight base, Spring Away has a weight fillable base so it will never tip over.

Other batting tees have a rigid tee stem, while Spring Away has a flexible tee stem that flexes away from your bat with every swing, eliminating bat shock, base rip out, and tearing of the tee top.

But that's not all! Other batting tees have a single tee top. But Spring Away has a reversible tee top that tees regulation balls on one side and mini-balls on the other.
These amazing mini-balls make it easy for you to develop a keen hitter's eye so you can get a hit every time you step up to bat.

And Spring Away is so easy to use, it's great for boys, girls, moms and dads of all ages.

You can use Spring Away to be a swich hitter by hitting both right and left handed. Use Spring Away to hit baseballs, softballs, and mini balls. Use Spring Away in your back yard,
in your garage, in the gym, and use Spring Away at the ball park before a big game. Use Spring Away any time!

Spring Away is so portable, you can take it anywhere!

And when you're through, simply store Spring Away in the garage, under your bed, or in your equipment bag!

But if you really want to get better faster, check out our Spring Away Home Hitting System under the Ultimate Packages tab, Model# SA99.

This system is so revolutionary, you won't find it anywhere else! With the Spring Away Home Hitting System You get the Spring Away Pop Up Net. The portable pop up net that sets up in seconds to act as a catch net, target, goal, and back stop, making it easy for you to work on every aspect of your game!

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